If you have the recorded tracks, and want them to make a great overall sound, we are offering to perform this magic for you. It’s called MIXING, and it’s something we are professional at.

We worked with various bands, performers, singers in all genres (including rock, hip-hop, classical, movie soundtracks, R&B, progressive house, indie etc.). Just hand in your tracks, and expect a fast turnaround with the professional sounding mix!

Besides classic mixing service, we are offering making ARRANGEMENTS and refining the song. Arrangements may sometimes be the most important part of the song/audio creation, as the correct placement of events can help impact or the emotional transfer of the material tremendously.





The next step in making sure your song/audio sounds impeccably good is called MASTERING. It’s the process in which your audio material is being led to the point where it meets the industry-set standards of reproduction. It is also a stage where we make sure that your mix is consistent when being played throughout various playback systems. You don’t want a song that will only sound good on $500+ speakers, do you? That’s what mastering means! Let our experienced engineers become the force that will make your audio compete with the best of the works on the market.



Get in touch for a free consultation on the mixing and mastering for your audio! One of our experts will get to you with the strategy and the approach we are planning to make sure your audio gets mixed and mastered in the best way possible!